Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yellow 6

Yellow - Orange, Sunset Yellow


This lake color is orange in hue. It is also known as "sunset yellow". Used to dye products for personal use. Approved for general cosmetic use, but not for use in eyeshadows.


Mice dosed with Yellow 6 were found to have increased body weight, troubles with direction, reproduction and even swimming. In other words, Yellow 6made the mice fat and dumb. The same troubles were found in the mice offspring as well. Still, due to the mega-doses given to the rats, the study concludes that there is no risk to humans because they would eat significantly less Yellow 6 than it takes to produce the study's results. With Yellow 6 as an additive in everything from pies, ice cream and candies to yellow-colored medications and even teeth whitening products, one has to wonder if this reasoning is sound.



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