Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sodium Nitrite

Sodium nitrite is a common ingredient added to processed meats and fish that helps preserve the food and prevent bacterial growth that can cause botulism. This food additive also adds attractive color to meat and fish. While sodium nitrite is naturally present in many fruits and vegetables, its use as a food preservative can be damaging to your health. This additive is present in foods like bacon, lunch meat and hot dogs.

The salts in sodium nitrites can cause a reaction that produces a chemical called nitrosamines, which increase your risk of developing cancer. The American Medical Association says that sodium nitrites can lead to gastrointestinal and brain cancer. Inability of your red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout your body.  Type 1 diabetes can occur in infants and young children when their pancreas does not have the ability to produce insulin.  Can cause irritation to your digestive system, including your mouth, esophagus and stomach.  Abdominal pain.  Associated with damage to your blood and your blood vessels.  Can also lead to rapid heart rate and difficulty breathing.



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