Wednesday, March 7, 2012


A sugar made by the action of various enzymes on starch. It is formed in the body during digestion. Maltose is a disaccaride consisting of two linked glucose molecules.


Maltose can also be artificially created in a laboratory. This is accomplished by heating the medium with the addition of a strong acid for roughly ten minutes. Because heating can accelerate the process of preparing maltose for use in the creation of beverages, many large-scale producers choose to use this method as a means of creating large batches of product.


maltose or malt sugar, crystalline dissaccharide.  It has the same empirical formula  as sucrose and lactose but differs from both in structure.  Maltose is produced from starch by hydrolysis in the presence of diastase, an enzyme present in malt. Maltose is hydrolyzed to glucose by maltase, an enzyme present in yeast; the glucose thus formed may be fermented by another enzyme in yeast to produce ethanol . Maltose is important in the brewing of beer. It is an easily digested food.


I can find no negative impacts for eating this.  So far it looks rather safe.  I will update as I find it.


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